For nearly 30 years Simon Hammond has consistently defined the real drivers of social change and consumer behaviour.  At his heart Hammond is a cultural anthropologist, stemming from his earliest training as an investigative journalist, to making sense of modern consumerism, branding and customer connection. His alternate views on business positioning and strategy development has seen him add considerable value to boards and management teams in hundreds of major businesses.  He has started national magazines, run talkback radio programs, authored three books on his provocative theories on modern branding, created the world’s first theatrical rock show for business that has played in over 15 countries and founded five of the most talked about creative marketing agencies over 3 decades. His outspoken views on human connection, the power of belonging and his research & development of the concept of belief within business has made Hammond a sought after speaker and business advisor in North America, Europe and Sth East Asia. His presentation challenges audiences to rethink the very essence of how a business connects with its target markets and how modern commerce is struggling to engage with the humanity of customers in a world of loud minorities. Using powerful popular cultural insights Hammond refocuses audiences on the art of storytelling and the necessity of purpose in business strategy.