About Us

About Hammond Thinking


Hammond Thinking is the home of cultural anthropologist and global brand strategist, Simon Hammond. It exists to create a range of creative projects and businesses bound together by a desire to inspire new thinking and significant change. Underpinning our creative approach is a commitment to a deep understanding of the ways human beings relate to and react within the popular cultural world.

People call this cultural anthropology, we call it common sense.

What We Do

The Cultural Phenomenon


For 30 years it has been committed to an understanding and awakening within the business world – and broader global consumer society – about the cultural phenomenon of branding and its power to unite, define and dramatically dictate people’s behaviours within companies and communities.

At its heart, Hammond Thinking is about challenging society’s norms and questioning old ways, in an effort to redefine how we live, work and progress. It’s this challenging that has led to our belief in the untapped power of society and its desire to create new ways to belong.

About Simon

For more than three decades, Simon Hammond has pushed the boundaries of traditional thinking to provoke creative change within Australian business. From his early career as an investigative journalist to today, as a successful corporate director and author, Hammond has consistently defined the real drivers of social change and consumer behaviour. Through his presentations and consulting experience, Hammond reshapes organisations and engages them to rethink their strategic approach. His goal remains: to re-engage and re-link organisations to their customers through emotional drivers.