How can the next Virgin, Apple or Harley-Davidson emerge in a world of risk aversion and corporate blandness?

In this powerful new blueprint for the future of customer-centric businesses, Australia’s foremost creative brand thinker, Simon Hammond, uses popular culture observations, consumer behaviour insights and twenty years’ practical experience working with top brands to suggest a simple but bold new way for creating great brands

Be Brands – The Central Story

BE Brands is ultimately about articulating the reason a brand/organisation exists. It adds a potent preface to what you do, emotively telling the story of why you do it.

As such, it ensures a brand is more aligned to the emotive drivers of people, tapping into their most basic fears, desires and frustrations that have formed a picture in their head about the category that any business exists within.

As such, BE Brands creates the emotive story of what a brand must BE for its customers to form a deep connection and sense of belonging. But don’t for one minute think this is a ‘nice to have’ soft addition to your business arsenal. Quite the opposite. By finding what your business must be, you are able to power sales forces, unite cultures and focus product development.

This is real behavioural change. Best of all, BE branding enables a powerful story to emerge that unites all associated with a brand to emotively deliver a brand’s full potential.

How BE Brands Works

A BE session is a facilitated full day strategic session, designed to take people out of their comfort zones and put them in a place where they, and their products or services, become emotionally relevant to peoples’ lives. It’s a thinking session. And we believe this thinking needs to be collaborative. Drawing on the abilities of key people in a business, we explore the emotional drivers that determine why customers often fail to respond to rational arguments. Ideally, all major stakeholders are present for this session, as this is where the fundamental strategic thinking is done – the outcomes of which lead directly into a brief and a filter to ensure that you are entirely ‘on brand’ in everything that you do. During the session we define a Unique Being Proposition or UBP – the BELIEF of what your company or product brand can BE for its market. After the session we will report back with key findings, insights and of course the final UBP. We will also offer a follow up session on the development of the all important brand territory, i.e. the territory this brand can own in the marketplace. 

Find Out More About Be Brands Credentials

Find Out More About
Be Brands Credentials