Hammond Thinking has grown from
strength to strength over the years,
always pushing the boundaries of branding.

The Eighties

1987 – Simon Hammond and Robyn Nelson begin working together at Syme Magazines.

March 1988 – Simon Hammond and Robyn Nelson leave Syme Magazines.

April 1988 – Dare Concepts launched by SH and RN. First clients ARB Corporation and Wynn’s Safari.

October 1988 – Relocated Dare to Nott St Port Melbourne.


The Nineties

April 1991 – Dare broke the Guinness record for fastest caravan on earth. 122 kmh.

May 1992 – Moved Dare to Bank St Sth Melbourne.

June 1993 – The Edge launched with the Roo Cull TVC and national media controversy. 

November 1993 – Dare and The Edge move to Albert Rd, Sth Melbourne.

January 1994 – The Edge voted Rookie Agency of the year.

January 1996 – Sold out of The Edge (later merged with Clemenger Harvie to become CHE).

March 1996 – Dare relaunched as HammondDare.

Mid 1997  HammondDare moved to Moray St Sth Melbourne.


The noughties

September 2001 – See life differently (agency, café, retail) launched at Nott St Port Melbourne.

November 2004 – Simon Hammond’s first book, GUTS, released.

September 2004 – See wins coveted NAB account.

February 2005 – See wins Australia’s Emerging agency of the year.

Late 2005 – Simon Hammond’s second book, BE Brands, released.

February 2006– See sold to Photon Group.

June 2007 – See merges with Legion Interactive to become Belong.

July 2008 – Lectern Rock opens at the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne.

February 2009 – Bastion Group launched in Sth Melbourne.


The Tensies

January 2012 – Hammond Thinking launched, Were St Brighton.

October 25, 2012 – Podium Rock debut in New York. Launch of BE Counsel. NYC.

February 2013 – The BE Counsel opens in Melbourne.

August 2013 – Spink St creative centre opens.

June 2015 – Hammond Thinking produces TV pilot, Reyne at Spink St.

December 2015 – Hammond Thinking launches World of Wisdom.

May 2016 – The Be Counsel moves to larger premises in Izett St, Prahran.