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The New World Wonders

Is it possible that 11 of the most popular statues in the world hold the answers to the most complex questions in life?

What if the most visited statues ever made represent the basic values of the human race?

From a cultural anthropology point of view we couldn’t help but explore the connection between what we love and what they say about us.

We had to ask; What is it that drives their popularity, and how does it reflect on the human race?

Answering the question of who we are will never be simple, but these 11 statues might just help.

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Be The Change

Brands we love

British superwoman Linda Cruse asks what it means to stand for something with her country-hoping front line humanitarian work that pits business minds against the issues of the world.

Come along with Hammond Thinking to the beautiful Nepalese Himalayas where, on the edge of civilisation, we experienced the depth of the human spirit and the power of BE the change

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